The Asia Business Club at Darden (ABCD) recently hosted Asia Week at Darden, a week-long series of student-led events open to the Darden community to highlight the many facets of life and business in Asia.

The goal [of ABCD] is two-fold:

  • To guide overseas students in their journey to establish themselves in the U.S. [and]
  • To serve as a beacon for any students interested in Asian culture or working in Asia

ABCD president Clement Le Royer (Class of 2020) and VP of communications RJ Ramirez (Class of 2020) view the purpose of Asia Week as “an opportunity for us to highlight current economic opportunities in Asia, as well as shed light on the different countries and cultures from which Darden’s diverse student body hails.”

Highlights of Asia Week included a lunchtime speaking engagement with alumnus Jimmy Cheng (MBA ’87) and Darden professor Saras Sarasvathy, as well as Kazakhstan and Taiwan Globetrotters events, a student-led initiative sponsored by the Global Business and Culture Club (GBCC) to showcase various nations and cultures of which Darden students are a part.

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