Poets & Quants’ John Byrne recently sat down with Darden School of Business Dean Scott Beardsley in his residence on the UVA Lawn to catch up on what’s new at Darden, recent student career highlights and the state of the MBA.

The whole purpose of being a dean or being in education is to help other people achieve their full potential. There’s nothing I love more than taking a student who is trying to find their way in the world and helping them find their passion. I want to help them be on their way to making the world a better place. Darden is a place that can take someone from anywhere and help them to go anywhere.

Dean Beardsley also highlighted the transformative impact of a Darden MBA.

Students are self-selecting the formats that they like. Some people want to keep working, some people don’t. Some people want to be career switchers, some don’t. One of the things I encourage applicants to do at all times is to think about who are all the stakeholders involved. Why are they telling you what they’re telling you? What’s in their interest? In a volatile world where uncertainty is rising, options have greater value. We know this from financial theory. In effect, business education is an option. You’ve created more possibilities for yourself to be reinserted into a workforce in many different ways in an evolving landscape.

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Want to hear even more from Beardsley? Register for Beardsley and Executive Director of Admissions Dawna Clarke’s webinar on 19 November! Their discussion of all things Darden will be followed by a live Q&A session, and registrants will receive a link to the recording for later viewing.


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