Khaliyah Legette (Class of 2022) is the MBA of the Week on Darden’s Instagram! Legette was an active member of the Diversity Conference Student Planning Committee this fall, is a member of the Student Admissions Committee, serves as the VP of Careers and Education for the Black Business Student Association (BBSA), as well as the VP of Finance and Operations for the Community Consultants of Darden and is Co-President of the Darden Running Club. Needless to say, Legette is an active, invested and busy member of Darden’s community!

She’s also hosting an upcoming virtual event with fellow Student Admissions Committee members Grant Guess (Class of 2022) and Audrey Dyer (Class of 2022): I ♥ C’ville on 10 December. Join Legette and her classmates for an informative session all about living and learning in Charlottesville, Virginia. Sign up here

Prior to arriving at Darden, Legette worked for the Federal Government — specifically in the United States Senate. Post-Darden, she plans to join Boston Consulting Group.

Legette recently took a few moments to share a bit more about her journey to Darden, and three reasons she knew it was the right place for her MBA experience.

Khaliyah Legette (Class of 2022)

Q: Why Consulting?

A: Consulting will provide me with the opportunity to experience multiple industries while developing crucial skills I’ll need for whatever opportunity I seek next, whether that’s to continue in consulting or move on to another industry.

Q: Favorite Darden class so far?

A: Favorite Darden class so far was Paths to Power with Peter Belmi. Every single class session was applicable to real life and I will continue to use the skills I learned from that class throughout my career.

Q: Favorite thing to do around town and/or favorite restaurant C’ville?

A: My favorite thing to do around town is anything outdoors! Whether that’s running or walking a local trail, tubing down the Rivanna River, or exploring a brewery, I love being outdoors.

Q: What section were you in?

A: Section D

Q: What section traditions were your favorite?

A: Our section cheer. It’s just loud enough to get you ready to start your day.

Q: What organizations/activities have you been involved in?

A: BBSA, Co-President of the Run Club, Community Consultants of Darden, Student Admissions Committee (FY & SY)

Q: What 3-5 words would you use to describe your Darden experience so far?

A: Challenging, transformational, eye-opening

Q: Advice or Pro Tips for prospective students considering an MBA?

A: Do your research on all elements of MBA programs before considering—everything from the city the school is in, to scholarship opportunities, to what student life is actually like. If you have the opportunity to, visit the schools you’re considering and talk to students about their experiences.

Q: How did you decide that Darden was your best fit?

A: (1) Case method, (2) community, (3) location.

1 – Coming from a very non-traditional background and knowing that I wanted to pivot into consulting, I wanted to go to a school that was not only strong in consulting recruiting, but also prepared students academically for the rigor of a consulting career

2 – I wanted to go to a school where I felt like I belonged. Throughout all of my interactions with both Darden students and faculty while I was still weighing my B-school options, I was consistently impressed with how kind, generous, and supportive Darden was

3 – After spending the 7 years prior to Darden in Washington, DC, I wanted to get out of a big city and study somewhere that has a more close-knit feel

Q: What were you most nervous about when you started at Darden and how did you overcome that?

A: I was most nervous about the quant classes! I don’t have a quant background and I was afraid this meant I wouldn’t do well in my classes. However, I quickly overcame this by doing the Coursera MOOCs before school started as well as Darden Before Darden. I also learned how important it was to lean on my Learning Team and used our diversity of backgrounds to get more comfortable with the material.

Q: Something people don’t typically know about Darden but you wish they did?

A: The faculty is committed to your success! While the classes are challenging, the faculty is there to support you and is always available for extra help if you need it.

Legette and Chi Lo recently joined the Experience Darden podcast to discuss the 2021 Diversity Conference, the planning and preparation that went into the two-day event, why diversity matters at Darden and more.

Board members of the 2021-22 Black Business Student Association (BBSA). Khaliyah Legette pictured second from right.