Professor Peter Debaere recently joined Darden Admissions for the latest installment of “Office Hours,” Presented by Darden Ideas to Action, where he shared insights on topics like globalization, the economics of water and his upcoming book, “To America and Back Again. A Letter for Anna,” which explores the transatlantic immigration of his grandmother’s generation.

In addition to teaching the core Global Economies and Markets (GEM) course, Debaere developed and teaches “Global Economics of Water” and “Managing International Trade and Investment,” two Second Year electives. He has also received a multiyear outstanding teacher award for being consistently in the top 10 percent at Darden.

In discussing his Global Economics and Markets class, Debaere said, “There are many people who have never taken economics, and you have this opportunity to, to open people’s eyes and have them look at the world that surrounds them in a different way. I want them to think about how incentives matter and in the global economy, how these different countries interact with one another.”

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