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“Coursera” is the third person singular, future tense, of the French verb, “to run, race, or chase.”[1] Coursera is also a leading aggregator of online courses of study. Yesterday, University of Virginia and Coursera announced a partnership to place UVA courses online. Darden has agreed to provide one of…

By Bob Bruner-
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Bias for Action and Moral Courage

Here are the remarks I gave to members of the Class of 2012 in our Graduation Ceremony this afternoon. My message regards taking action and moral courage. +++++ I would like to set the tone for this ceremony by inviting you to think about what really matters here at Darden. Some…

By Bob Bruner-

Leaders Step Forward Often

A significant part of my job is to engage others in projects that matter to the practice of business and to the University. This may entail asking for one’s time, one’s talent, one’s connections, and/or one’s money. Often what I’m really asking for is…

By Bob Bruner-