Dealing with Non-Compete Agreements

“I have an incredible offer, but they want me to sign an aggressive non-compete agreement, what should I do?”  “I was just let go and now the company wants to prohibit me from getting a job anywhere else, is this legal?”  With a great deal of movement in today…

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Drop Me a Line or Give Me a Ring

With all the choices of correspondence methods today, it is not always clear how to best communicate.I so enjoy receiving traditional holiday greetings from friends near and far.  Beautiful cards, photos, updates, stories, contact information and sometimes entertaining prose often serve as a lifeline to friendships made through many…

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Summer R&R: Managing Your Career

Working at the University people often assume that I get the summer “off”… ironically, summer is the busiest time of year at Alumni Career Services.  Why? Since we were schoolchildren, most of us equate summer with relaxation.  As adults, many of us find the season to be a time for…

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