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Sustainability at Darden

By Lisa Stewart-

The Initiative for Business in Society aims to be a leading global catalyst of thought, information and action at the interface of business and society, and to promote the development of leaders to positively impact society through their roles in business. Sustainability is one area in which business and society are, by necessity, linked through efforts to find solutions to our greatest challenges, such as poverty alleviation and energy availability. The Darden School of business not only strives toward sustainable operating practices, but also has a lot to offer on the subject throughout the curriculum.

Darden’s MBA program teaches that the role of business is to create value for all stakeholders. Integrated into coursework is the theme that while business has one main bottom line — profitability — it must be achieved in an ethical, socially-minded, and environmentally-responsible manner. The Innovation for Sustainability concentration helps to better prepare students for careers in these areas.

Also of note, the Darden GreenPod is a podcast series hosted by Erika Herz, Associate Director of Sustainability Programs at Darden. The podcasts feature interviews with sustainability leaders and cover a wide range of topics such as innovation, supply chain, and unconventional partnerships to solve sustainability challenges. Follow Erika on Twitter:  @dardensustain.