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Agriculture Meets IT: Using Data to Bring Healthy and Sustainable Food to the World

Astro Teller, Captain of Moonshots at Google X, suggests that the agriculture industry is primed for a moonshot.  Being able to feed a growing global population while under the stress of climate change will require radical, and perhaps (initially) laughable, solutions that propose breakthrough technologies.  To make way for innovation…

By Rebecca Duff-
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Decarbonizing Electricity Generation: The Future is Bright and Tailwinds Strong for Renewables

Electrification of automobiles is underway and we are on track to decarbonize this sector by 2060. Skeptics of electrification warn that more electric cars on the road will lead to a significant increase in electricity demand, which could mean more carbon emissions, not less. Counterproductive? Perhaps, but only if efforts…

By Rebecca Duff-
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Reimagining How We Power the World: One Delegate’s Thoughts on Darden’s Jefferson Innovation Summit 2018

Devin Welch, Summit Delegate and Co-Founder of Sun Tribe Solar, shares some thoughts on the day’s discussions.Climate change is one of the most complex challenges our society has faced. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, even though the Earth’s climate has changed throughout history…

By Rebecca Duff-