What is the Business Innovation & Climate Change Initiative?

Climate change, coupled with other urgent threats to our natural environment, poses one of the most significant and singular challenges faced by society in the 21st century. The world’s ability to generate solutions will require substantive and disruptive innovation across a broad spectrum of sectors such as energy, transportation and the built environment. How can we motivate leaders to address and mitigate these challenges? What role does government policy play to empower or restrict innovators and entrepreneurs? How should businesses best approach the clean innovation risks and opportunities before them.

The Business Innovation and Climate Change Initiative aims to answer these questions through leadership education, multi-stakeholder events, applied research and bipartisan analysis related to clean energy innovation. As part of the University of Virginia Darden School of Business’ Washington, D.C.-area programs and research, the Initiative will seek to inform business practices, public policy and the productive intersection between the two.

This blog will be a place for project researchers and collaborators to share findings and work in progress on the topic of innovation and climate change. We’ll address questions like:

  • How can business leaders be motivated to innovate products and services that help address and mitigate climate change?
  • What role does government policy play in fostering innovative activity related to climate change?