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Leadership Development, Darden Style

In his blog post “Leadership Development, Darden Style,” Everette Fortner dissects how Darden combines deep functional knowledge and a broad enterprise perspective to create a strong leadership development program for MBA students:“Darden develops leaders. Over the coming year, Darden intends to continue to expand its leadership development offerings.  Building…

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Darden Alumni Career Services

When you come to Darden, you join a tight-knit community of approximately 320 classmates and over 14,000 alumni. The connections you build with the Darden community extend beyond graduation, giving you lifelong learning, networking and career opportunities.In addition, you receive access to career management resources provided by…

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Recruiting Around the World

Did you know that over 25% of the Darden Class of 2012 pursued career opportunities in the Northeast and over 10% on the West Coast? During the MBA program, Darden students enjoy the benefits of living and learning in Charlottesville, Virginia (top-ranked in lifestyle, health and business rankings), but…

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Advice to MBA Students Interested in Tech Careers

In 2012, 12.5% of Darden graduates received job offers for a position in the technology industry. These graduates earned an average base salary of $108,081 and worked for companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon.In the video below, Paco Contreras (MBA ‘03 ), director of product marketing…

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