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Hire a Hoo: The Darden Hiring Network

About a year ago, a member of Darden’s Alumni Association Board of Directors shared with me an email called “Friends of BDO.” On a regular basis, BDO — the global accounting firm — delivers an email that highlights bios of executives in transition. This email is designed to help its network…

By Jennifer Coleman-
Career Transition, Industry Explanation

Understanding an Equity Offer

The prospect of joining a high-potential startup can be very exciting. Startups and private companies sometimes entice recruits with an offer of equity compensation to offset lower cash compensation (base and bonus). The equity represents ownership — having a stake in the company you’re helping to grow and succeed…

By Marty Speight-
Career Management, Career Transition

The Encore Case Debuts at Reunion

It was a beautiful reunion Saturday in April as Alumni Career Services gathered with 65 Darden School alumni and their guests to explore the topic of careers in retirement.  Since the late 1990s, ACS has supported Darden alumni in various career transitions.  Increasingly, we are approached by alumni who want…

By Marty Speight-