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Shorebird City

In early March, just a handful of days before the Covid-19 crisis would paralyze American society, I flew to Miami to address an international meeting of the horticultural industry. Looking out the window on the approach to the Miami airport, all the profound alterations to the natural world in…

By Tim Beatley-
Agriculture, Water Markets, Water Scarcity

Where the Water Goes

What would you think if someone told you that the source of your water supply is being grossly overused, is now less than half full, is losing another 6% every year, and will become unavailable to more and more people in coming years?The coronavirus has nothing to do with…

By Brian Richter-
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Q&A with Charles Burgis, Winner of the 2019 Global Water Initiative Prize for His Work on Storm Water Denitrification Infrastructure (Part II)

In November, the Global Water Initiative held its second Graduate Water Colloquium, bringing together some 40 graduate students and faculty who study water-related questions at UVA. Graduate students from systems engineering, environmental engineering, environmental science, and architecture presented their work. The effort was led by Professors Teresa Culver and…

By Peter Debaere-