Q&A with Justin Schon on Water, Violence and Migration

There is a long and growing literature that seeks to better understand the relationship between water (and climate change more broadly) and the prevalence of violence. The discussion has gone way beyond the occasional public statements that “future wars will be about water,” and there is a growing realization that…

By Peter Debaere-
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Looking Back at the 1980s, the World’s First Water Decade: Sustained Ambition Is What It Takes

The Blue Nile Health Project (BNHP) and the International Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Decade (IDWSSD, the Water Decade) are examples of extraordinary cooperation and coordination. The Water Decade marked the beginning of the global effort to provide clean drinking water and adequate sanitation for all. The BNHP demonstrated that…

By Christian McMillen-
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Q&A with Sydney Turner, Winner of the 2020 GWI Graduate Water Prize

 In spite of the coronavirus pandemic, the Global Water Initiative organized the third edition of the annual Graduate Water Symposium. Nine students from across UVA presented their water-related research at the virtual symposium. Sydney Turner, from the Department of Engineering Systems and Environment (ESE) in the School of Engineering…

By Teresa Culver-