How can business innovation be catalyzed to tackle climate change, one of the greatest challenges facing society in the 21st century? What strategies can business and public policy leaders employ in order to catalyze business innovation? The Business Innovation and Climate Change Initiative aims to answer these questions by convening leaders for events and research that focus on the critical need for disruptive innovation across a broad spectrum of industry sectors. The Initiative seeks to support those developing cutting-edge products, business practices, and public policy solutions with insights to maximize their impact.

This blog will be a place for project researchers and collaborators to share findings and work in progress on the topic of innovation and climate change. We’ll address questions like:

  • How can business leaders be motivated to innovate products and services that help address and mitigate climate change?
  • What role does government policy play in fostering innovative activity related to climate change?

While there is a great deal of research available on the science of climate change and on industry disruption in general, there is less available to help us understand how traditional competitive market dynamics play out for companies developing these new, CO2-reducing offerings. Additionally, more information is needed to help leaders design business and public policy efforts that advance innovation in an integrated fashion to achieve the greatest possible impact.

We look forward to sharing our thoughts. And if you’d like to contribute a posting with your ideas or research, or you want to learn more, please e-mail