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MeadWestvaco CEO John Luke Joins IBiS Advisory Committee

IBiS is pleased to announce that MeadWestvaco (MWV), a global leader in packaging solutions, has joined as a founding corporate partner.  MWV, which is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, brings a history of visionary and effective leadership to the IBiS Advisory Committee.  As an enterprise deeply committed to the environment, MWV…

By Allison Elias-
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Guest Blog: Wells Fargo Solar Energy Cases

Newly published cases on Wells Fargo’s decision about potential adoption of solar energy for its Los Angeles branches are now available at Darden Business Publishing. Authors and guest bloggers Anton Ovchinnikov and Sheri Lucas provide insight into their thinking behind developing this case.Anton: In my mind this case…

By Lisa Stewart-
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Sustainability at Darden

The Initiative for Business in Society aims to be a leading global catalyst of thought, information and action at the interface of business and society, and to promote the development of leaders to positively impact society through their roles in business. Sustainability is one area in which business and society…

By Lisa Stewart-
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World Bicycle Relief in Zambia

Check out the new post on the Global Voices of Darden blog to learn more about a recent Global Field Elective with World Bicycle Relief in Zambia.For additional background information about the organization, listen to GREENPOD 19 WITH MICHAEL KOLLINS, COO, WORLD BICYCLE RELIEF (recorded 28 October 2011).In…

By Lisa Stewart-
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Why Do Leaders Act Unethically?

The Leadership Working Group at the Batten School of Public Policy recently organized a pan-University Leadership speaker series, co-sponsored by IBiS.The kick-off event for this series — a panel Why Do Leaders Act Unethically? — will be held on Tuesday, November 27, from 12:30-2 pm at…

By Lisa Stewart-